Kündig Brilliant 2

Code: Kündig Brilliant 2

Constant passline machines (it is the sanding group that raises and lowers to the desired thickness) with a standard working height 3-200mm and available in working widths of 1100″ 1350 and 1600mm

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Kündig Brilliant 2

A solid space saving 2 wide belt sander with constant passline through adjustment of machine’s upper part (=constant working level), working width 1100mm, with two units sanding from the top.


  • A grooved contact roller of well tested hardness
  • A sanding pad with exchangeable graphite cloth
  • The whole unit is pivotable to 10 degrees
  • Level of contact rollers infinitely variable in height according to a scale of abrasive grits
  • Pneumatic lifting/lowering of the contact roller according to the selected sanding operation
  • Floating precision ground steel pressure roller at the inlet
  • Rubbered pressure rollers between the sanding units and at the outlet
  • Main motors 15 kW (20 HP) and 11kW (15 HP), 400 V/50 Hz
  • Height adjustment by motor with automatic slow motion for fine adjustment and digital display
  • Belt tension, tracking and oscillation pneumatically, consumption of air approx. 2lt/min
  • Optimum safety conditions guaranteed by automatic emergency stop with disk brake for belt tear, belt run, pressure loss or when opening the belt entry door
  • Workpiece feed 1,1 kW (1,5 HP) with reinforced conveyor belt
  • Whole electric device with contactor control; automatic star-delta starter of main motor, overload and short circuit motor protection and ammeter for supervision of stock removal
  • Vacuum device for conveyor table with extra punching over 200mm for smaller workpieces
  • Automatic setting of height over the whole table width
  • Safety device for over thick workpieces with feed stop and automatic raising of machine’s upper part
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of stock removal
  • Electronic adjustment of variable feed speed 3-15 m/min at the switch board
  • The PLC –control/programming with colour touch screen and TEACH-IN memory (at the touch of a button according to the sanding result, ie no type in required) of the workpiece thickness, the stock removal and the feed and the abrasive belt speed
  • Pneumatic control of conveyor belt
  • Inlet and outlet supports with roller
  • ENORMATIC: Automatic machine adjustment linked with start of work piece feed
  • Eco-energy saving mode
  • Error diagnostics
  • Workpiece thickness max 200mm
  • Abrasive belts 1120 x 2000mm


Machine ready to use in COMFORT execution (1100-RPd) – £=POA

Micro processor-controlled segmented sanding pad, segments 35mm wide


Machine ready to use in E-PLUS execution (1100-REd) – £=POA

Infinitely variable abrasive belt speed (with PLC memory)

Belt cleaning blowers, action controlled, with extraction channels

Electronic sanding pad, with segments 22mm wide (special execution for oblique sanding), instead of 35mm, with variable pressure on the edges

Additional sanding pad insert


Machine ready to use in LACQUER execution (1100-REd-L) – £=POA


Packing & shipping – £=POA


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