Kündig Basiq Edge Sander

Code: Kündig Basiq Edge Sander

A one-sided edge sanding machine can also be multifunctional. Within seconds it can be switched from sanding solid to veneered wood, from straight to bevelled edges, from manual to efficient through-feed work. This certainly applies to the Kündig Basiq: The patented device with the tiltable fences and a few manipulations are enough to cope with every task and every requirement.

Sold wood, veneer sanding, curves, external and internal shapes.

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Kündig Basiq Edge Sander


  • Solid frame
  • Table 1090 x 370 mm
  • Belt motor 2.2Kw (3HP)
  • 380 volts/50Hz with protective motor switch
  • Protective motor switch
  • Sanding unit manually adjustable in height up to approx. 140 mm
  • Grinded round guidances with slide bushes
  • Curves and big roundings on the rubber covered driving roller diameter of 90mm
  • Constant belt tension
  • Compensation of length – belt running adjustable
  • Sanding unit with protective plate
  • Extraction outlet dia. 100mm
  • Tap holes for mounting a support for a feeding unit
  • Openings in the frame for easy movement by a fork truck
  • Belt width 150-200mm, belt length 2000mm
  • Working level 870mm, net weight approx. 300kg
  • Floor space 1080x600mm


Sanding of solid wood against the continuous, graphite covered back wall of the sanding belt, table 1090 x 370mm, including bevelling fence with scale.

Curves and big roundings at the rubber covered driving roller ø 90mm with an optionally available semi-round table with a radius of ø 300mm.

External and internal shapes with an optionally available, quickly mountable cast table on mandrel and sanding bobbins with ø 20,30,40 & 45mm

Standard execution Kundig Basiq cost £=POA


Extra tables – £=POA

Q4          Additional cast table with mandrel and 4 sanding bobbins ø25,30,40 & 45 x 100mm

Q5          Semi round table on the driving rollers ø 90mm



Options for all Edge Sanders – £=POA


Z01         Machine mobile reinforced execution, with metal coverm 4 castors & locking device, no plug

                Connection with 4 conductors (instead of standard with 5 conductors)

Z02         for Uniq and Basiq (cable with 4 wires and transformer)

Z03         for Uniq S (cable with 4 wires and special frequency inverter)

Z04         Table enlargement by up to a 0,9m extensible solid bar front with easy running guides and  double support to the floor with unevenness compensation

Z05         Special voltage  220V/60Hz in stead of 400V/50Hz (for sander and/or feed unit, each)

Z06         Ceramic sanding pad instead of standard pad

Z07         Metal extraction outlet to the top

Z08         Slide for the extraction outlet to the top

Z09         Motor 3kW (4HP) instead of 2.2 kW (3 HP), for Basiq model only

Z10         Two Speed Motor 2800/1400 rpm., 2,5/1,85 kW instead of standard motor

Z11         Support for mounting and connection of a feeding unit, including conduit box

Z12         Additional pressure rollers for the upper transportation device if the Uniq-S 8 rollers instead of 5 rollers

Z13         Grooves in the inlet platen for excess length of veneer

Z14         Front structure adjustable, for long work-pieces, on Uniq (standard for Uniq-S)

Z15         2nd transportation belt parallel to the first belt in a distance of 2502mm from the fence, for cross movement of narrow workpieces, on Uniq-S

Z16         Transportation belt to the top instead of pressure rollers, for short work pieces, on Uniq-S

Z17         Variable speed of the sanding belt

Z18         Pneumatic belt tensioning

Z19         Glass strip sanding equipment: pneumatic adjustment of sanding unit

Z20         Dismountable auxiliary fence 45o for sanding chamfers


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