Genisis Scorpion Minifix 3

The unique Genisis Scorpion Minifix 3 Drilling Machine drilling machine is suitable for mini fix/cam and dowel fixings. This version can also drill either side of the fitting for 8mm dowels to give added strength to the joint.

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Question: Do you use or want to use cam and dowel/minifix in assembling your carcasses? If so, what are your options?

  1. A jig where all holes are manually drilled which is labour intensive and may not be that accurate
  2. Use a traditional 21 spindle multi borer which will require 3 set ups and 3 tool changes, again labour intensive and as accurate as the operator.
  3. Invest in a CNC which cost lots of money takes a lot of floorspace.

The solution? The Scorpion Minifix 3 drilling machine

The Scorpion has drilling heads to 3 sides and is truly a unique machine making pre drilling of cam and dowel/minifix an easy process.

  • 1st drilling head is from below which pre drills for the cam
  • 2nd is the end drill to allow the dowel to meet the cam along with 2 additional dowel drills
  • 3rd drilling head is from above which pilot drills 5mm to screw the dowel in the panel along with 2 dowel drills
  • Machine is 240 volts and requires compressed air

The machine has pneumatic clamping with each head being operated by push button.


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