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Saw Tec (Southampton) LTD are an official Altendorf UK sales partner located in the South of England.

We stock new & used Altendorf Panel Saws for sale in our showroom including the WA6, WA80 and F45. Contact us for our latest showroom stock information.

With over 30 years in the woodworking industry backed up by highly skilled engineers and a dedicated machinery aftersales team Saw Tec should be your first choice for woodworking machinery.

Altendorf's HQ in Miden, Germany

The Altendorf Range

Altendorf WA6

The Altendorf WA6 is the ideal machine for those with a smaller working space and budget.

This may be the entry level Altendorf table saw but there is no compromising on quality.

Although the smallest machine in the Altendorf range it still comes with a great range of equipment and produces outstanding cut quality and flexibility in everyday use.

The Altendorf WA80 can take on any cutting challenge.

Making easy work of precise cuts through to complex angles, this sturdy, robust machine is a pleasure to work with each and every day for each and every cut.

Featuring easily operated controls and ergonomic features it is the ideal mid-range machine from Altendorf without compromising on quality.

altendorf f45 for slider

The Altendorf F45 now comes with a choice of 3 new control units: the ProDrive, the EvoDrive and the ElmoDrive.

The great thing with the F45 is it can be completely tailor made. From labour saving features to contemporary ergonomic design and use, the F45 really delivers as the best sliding table saw from Germany. The wealth of choice offered delivers real benefits, not least because of their versatility.

Altendorf Saws for Sale

Introducing Altendorf MAGIS

Altendorf MAGIS is the latest software offering from Altendorf and is compatible with all panel saws in their range from the WA6 to the F45.

This is a graphical operator guidance system that simplifies complex workflows. Guiding operators through the predefined cutting sequence clearly and reliably resulting in savings in both time and material as a result.

Altendorf Parts, Servicing & Repair

Saw Tec have engineers on hand to service and repair your Altendorf saws across the United Kingdom. We can also supply replacement parts, upgrade components and add optional extras. 

Emergency 24 hour call-out service available.

We deliver, install and train your operators on proper use of your Altendorf panel saw across England.

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